J. Y. Xie

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This paper presents the time delay filter (TDF) in which time delay is intentionally adopted in a filter and then time delay filter-based deadbeat control of a process with first-order plus dead time is implemented. The system stability is guaranteed with the Nyquist criteria and the PI controller is tuned by the frequency specifications. The time delay(More)
Advanced materials for electrocatalytic water splitting are central to renewable energy research. In this study, we describe a two-step reaction for preparing hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) electrodes composed of Pt nanoparticles and MoS 2 nanosheets grown on carbon fibers. The morphology and the structures are characterized by a variety of techniques(More)
We developed a novel micro-droplet array system, which is based on the distinct three dimensional mesh screen structure and sintering and oxidation induced thermal-fluid performance. Mesh screen was sintered on a copper substrate by bonding the two components. Non-uniform residue stress is generated along weft wires, with larger stress on weft wire top(More)
The working of nonaqueous Li-O2 batteries relies on the reversible formation/decomposition of Li2O2 which is electrically insulating and reactive with carbon and electrolyte. Realizing controlled growth of Li2O2 is a prerequisite for high performance of Li-O2 batteries. In this work, a sandwich-structured catalytic cathode is designed:(More)
A sandwich structured Bi 2 Te 3-nanoplates/graphene-nanosheet (Bi 2 Te 3 /G) hybrid has been synthesized by a facile in situ solvothermal route and has been investigated as a potential anode material for Li-ion batteries. Bi 2 Te 3 grows during the solvothermal process with the simultaneous reduction of graphite oxide into graphene. The in situ formation(More)
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