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A strain of Bacillus thuringiensis with dual toxicity was isolated from Korean soil samples and named K2. K2 was determined as ssp. kurstaki (H3a3b3c) by serological test and produced bipyramidal-shaped parasporal inclusions. The plasmid and protein profiles of B. thuringiensis K2 were different from those of the reference strain, ssp. kurstaki HD-1. To(More)
An integrated waveguide optical isolator based on multimode interference (MMI) by wafer direct bonding has been studied. It was found that wafer direct bonding between InP and Gd/sub 3/Ga/sub 5/O/sub 12/ (GGG) is effective for the integration of a waveguide optical isolator. The isolation ratio was found to be 2.9 dB in the proposed device.
A strain of Bacillus thuringiensis that showed significantly high toxicity to Plutella xylostella and Spodoptera exigua was isolated from a Korean soil sample and characterized. The isolate, named B. thuringiensis K1, was determined to belong to ssp. kurstaki (H3a3b3c) type by an H antisera agglutination test and produced bipyramidal inclusions. Plasmid(More)
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