J Y Paterson

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Developmental and genetic studies of the singed gene of Drosophila melanogaster indicate that the gene has a role in somatic cells during the formation of adult bristles and hairs, and in the female germline during oogenesis. During metamorphosis a single 3.6-kilobase (kb) RNA is made, and this RNA is also present in adults and early embryos. Early embryos(More)
1. The influx of serine, alanine and methionine across the brush border membrane of the rabbit ileal mucosa has been measured during short periods of incubation. 2. A kinetic analysis of the uptake data, assuming one mediated entry mechanism or one mediated entry mechanism plus a diffusion component to be present, does not provide an adequate explanation(More)
1. The kinetic parameters for serine, alanine and methionine uptake by rabbit ileal mucosa have been determined in the absence of Na. 2. Uptake of all three amino acids took place through a single mediated system. The apparent Km values of serine, alanine and methionine for this system were equal to their respective apparent K1 values (approximately 89, 75(More)
Positional and temporal correlates for the development of microvillus membranes and for two of the hydrolytic enzymes they contain have been determined and compared with the ability of enterocytes to transport valine during migration from crypt base to villus tip in jejunal tissue taken from rats maintained on diets containing different amounts of protein.(More)
1. The kinetic parameters of lysine and alanine uptake by rabbit ileal mucosa have been measured in the presence and absence of Na. 2. Using lysine as an inhibitor of part of alanine uptake in the absence of Na it has been possible to define two mediated systems for alanine entry. One of these systems (Km 14.2 mM; Jmax 41.3 n-mole cm-2 min-1) is inhibited(More)
1. Serum concentrations of aldosterone in later fetal, 3-6 week old and adult pigs are of the order of 300 pg ml.-1. This increases to about 2000 pg ml.-1 in the period immediately after birth. 2. Canrenoate injected into pigs from birth onwards stops the increase in colonic short-circuit current, seen to take place normally during early postnatal(More)
The stoichiometry of Na coupling to amino acid movement across the brush border membrane of the rabbit distal ileum has been determined under initial rate conditions. The coupling ratio, defined as the amino acid-dependent Na influx/the Na-dependent amino acid influx, was equal to unity for alanine, measured over a 10-fold range of Na and alanine(More)
Alanine uptake by rabbit ileal mucosa has been measured in the presence and absence of Na+ to establish the characteristics of biological variation. Common Km values, calculated for two systems of alanine entry, were used for estimation of two Jmax values for individual rabbits. The distribution of Jmax1 and Jmax2 within the population was normal and there(More)