J Y Ling

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We have found that beta-eudesmol, a sesquiterpenol constituent of Chinese herb antagonized organophosphate-induced lethal toxicity by reversing the neuromuscular failure and reducing the occurrence of convulsions. Its possible antiepileptic action was further explored in electroshock seizure mice in vivo and in high potassium treated rat hippocampal slices(More)
PURPOSE In vivo, the ophthalmic dye rose bengal displays profound antiviral effects against herpes simplex virus (HSV)-1, thus limiting its utility in diagnosis of epithelial keratitis when used before viral culture is performed. In contrast, lissamine green B does not possess significant antiviral activity in vivo. To determine whether polymerase chain(More)
1. Interactions of benzodiazepines with adenosine on the neuromuscular transmission were studied in mouse diaphragm preparations. 2. In tubocurarine (0.6-0.8 microM)-partially paralyzed preparations, diazepam (35 microM) and Ro 5-4864 (3-30 microM), a peripheral type benzodiazepine receptor agonist, potentiated the inhibitory effect of adenosine on indirect(More)
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