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Saline and aqueous ethanol extracts of marine algae and the lectins from two red algal species were assayed for their antibiotic activity against marine vibrios. Experimental studies were also carried out on the influence of environmental factors on such activity, using batch cultures. The results indicated that many of the saline extracts of the algal(More)
5,10,15,20-Tetra-(N-methyl-3-pyridyl)porphyrin (TMPyP3) is a DNA-binding derivative of porphyrins. A comparative study of the binding of this ligand to biologically significant DNA structures was performed. For this purpose, the interactions of TMPyP3 with the antiparallel telomeric G-quadruplex d(TTAGGG)4, oligonucleotide dTTAGGGTTAGAG(TTAGGG)2 (not(More)
This paper presents the field trial measurement data of WiMAX base station; it includes the system coverage, signal strength and available transmission rate. Data consisting of real time images, VoIP internet telephone are transmitted through Skype software by using WiMAX, HSDPA (3.5G) and EDGE (2G) transmission techniques, and these data are connected to(More)
Recent developments in high-temperature superconductivity highlight a generic tendency of the cuprates to develop competing electronic (charge) supermodulations. While coupled with the lattice and showing different characteristics in different materials, these supermodulations themselves are generally conceived to be quasi-two-dimensional, residing mainly(More)
Next generation communication system, such as Long Term Evolution Advanced (LTE-A), has the advantages of high transmission rate, wide bandwidth and better bandwidth utilization in high mobility environments. However, in such a kind of system when users are distributed sparsely in the base station coverage range the spectrum efficiency becomes worse. The(More)
We have investigated the contributions of CuO planes and CuO chains on the transport properties of YBa Cu O by 2 2 4 8 Ž . Ž . measuring the electrical resistivity and thermoelectric power S of Y Pr Ba Cu Zn O , Y Ca Ba Cu O and 1yx x 2 1yy y 4 8 1yx x 2 4 8 Ž . YBa Cu Ga O . Pr reduces the mobile carrier concentration in the CuO planes in YBa Cu O , as a(More)
Studies to date on ferromagnet/d-wave superconductor heterostructures focus mainly on the effects at or near the interfaces while the response of bulk properties to heterostructuring is overlooked. Here we use resonant soft x-ray scattering spectroscopy to reveal a novel c-axis ferromagnetic coupling between the in-plane Cu spins in YBa2Cu3O7-x (YBCO)(More)