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Alpha-synuclein is a presynaptic protein that normally participates in the homeostasis of synaptic vesicles. Missense mutations in its gene cause the protein to participate actively in the development of heritable forms of Parkinson's disease. Moreover, its metabolism is perturbed in all cases of Parkinson's disease where alpha-synuclein accumulates in a(More)
NESP55 (neuroendocrine secretory protein of M(r) 55000) is a novel member of the chromogranin family. In the present study, we have investigated the distribution, axonal transport and proteolytic processing of NESP55 in the peripheral nervous system. The amount of NESP55 immunoreactivity in adrenal gland was more than 240 times higher than that in the vas(More)
Neuropeptide Y has been implicated in pain modulation and is substantially up-regulated in dorsal root ganglia after peripheral nerve injury. To identify the role of neuropeptide Y after axotomy, we investigated the behavioral and neurochemical phenotype of neuropeptide Y Y1 receptor knockout mice with focus on dorsal root ganglion neurons and spinal cord.(More)
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