J. Y. Lai

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Coordinating hundreds or thousands of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), presents a variety of new exciting challenges, over and above the challenges of building single UAVs and small teams of UAVs. We are specifically interested in coordinating large groups of Wide Area Search Munitions (WASMs), which are part UAV and part munition. We are developing a "(More)
This study represents an extension of Hokanson's research, which showed that for men anger release after provocation tends to accelerate cardiovascular recovery. The objective of this study was to investigate how gender and habitual style for anger-in or anger-out behavior modulate the effect of anger provocation and release. Male and female subjects (N =(More)
Currently engineering students are given opportunities to apply knowledge learned in the classroom to hands-on design projects. While being trained to solve problems, are creativity skills also developed as part of that experience? According to a recent study, surveys found that students do not feel that creativity is part of that experience (Kazerounian(More)
Support Vector Machines have received considerable attention from the pattern recognition community in recent years. They have been applied to various classical recognition problems achieving comparable or even superior results to classifiers such as neural networks. We investigate the application of Support Vector Machines (SVMs) to the problem of road(More)
In this paper, we describe the experiences and lessons learned of mid-career professional engineers who are introduced to the product design process as part of a graduate course. Students had several years of work practice in technical fields, but few had experience with formulating requirements based on involvement with users. User centered methods were(More)
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