J.-Y Girard

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plus a principle of indirect proof for atomic sentences"(p. 244), and \one may doubt whether this is the proper way of analysing classical inferences"(p. 244{245). Prawitz suggested that a good candidate for this role could be the classical sequent calculus, since its rules are \closer to the classical meaning of the logical constants"(p. 245). More(More)
Although rare, ischemic necrosis of the head of the radius after fracture is a theoretic possibility. The epiphyseal vascularisation of the proximal end of the radius was studied by dissection and diaphanisation techniques. The main extra-osseous supply is derived from epiphyseo-metaphyseal arteries given off by the recurrent radial a. and the first(More)
1 Aim Recursive functions are representable as lambda terms, and deenability in the calculus may be regarded as a deenition of computability. This forms part of the standard foundations of computer science. Lambda calculus is the commonly accepted basis of functional programming languagess and it is folklore that the calculus is the prototypical functional(More)
(as a PhD student) and in Boston and Paris (as a postdoctoral research associate). Much of his work has used denotational semantics and category theory to find and exploit connections between disparate areas of research in theoretical computer science, including various structures for computational effects [1, 11]. His discovery of the " call-by-push-value(More)
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