J. Y. Gesland

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2014 High resolution inelastic neutron scattering constant Q scans have been performed near the 193 K cubic (O1h) to tetragonal (D184h) phase transition in RbCaF3. A divergent temperature dependent central peak was observed at q = qR. The parameters 03BB1, 03BB2 and 03BB3 characterizing the anisotropy of the dispersion map in the vicinity of the R25 mode(More)
A nondestructive method for measurements of Nd(3+) concentration in Nd:YLF laser rodes is presented. The method, based on the comparison of the intensities of Nd(3+) luminescence lines to the intensities of the host matrix (LiYF(4)) Raman lines, requires the use of a micro-Raman spectrometer. The experimental conditions have been optimized and are described(More)
2014 In addition to previously reported phonon Raman scattering, we have observed inelastic light scattering by magnetic excitons in K2CoF4 and Rb2CoF4 ; the polarized spectra have been studied at low temperatures under an applied magnetic field up to about 5 teslas. The results are interpreted on the basis of a multilevel propagating exciton model deduced(More)
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