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From a series of 15 consecutive patients with a normal-pressure hydrocephalus examined over 2 years. 10 showed frank improvement with oral acetazolamide. The drug was a first-choice treatment in 5 cases and was given up after a spinal tap in 5 cases. Clinical response occurred even in the most severe cases, although it was slightly less impressive for(More)
In recent years, several authors have proposed new classifications of inherited ataxias, some of them being based on systematic clinical studies of large groups of patients. This methodic approach has led to the identification of new types of ataxias and helped the development of molecular biology research in these diseases. Up to now, nerve conduction(More)
A 60 year-old man complained of numbness and pain in the right lower limb, suggesting lesions of the fifth lumbar and first sacral roots. Sixteen months later, CT showed a tumor of 3.5 cm at the emergence of the first right sacral root. Microscopic examination disclosed an infiltration of the fibers of the nerve by numerous masses of hyaline eosinophilic(More)
A double-blind, randomized controlled trial using an electroencephalograph computerized analysis and cartography was carried out to investigate the spectral modifications induced by diazepam and hydroxyzine. Without monitoring response to stimulation, the spectra found for diazepam and for hydroxyzine were qualitatively very similar, showing increase of the(More)
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