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Association between ten single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the human ALOX12 and ALOX15 genes and variations in peak bone mineral density (BMD) in a large sample of Chinese nuclear families with female offspring using the quantitative transmission disequilibrium test (QTDT). Our results suggest that the genetic polymorphisms in both human ALOX12 and(More)
Low loss MnZn power ferrites with different second milling times were prepared via the conventional ceramic process. The microstructures, magnetic properties, temperature dependence, and improved Steinmetz parameters of the sintered ceramics have been analyzed. The results show that properly increasing second milling time can remarkably increase the(More)
A model of surface damage mitigation in fused silica irradiated by CO<sub>2</sub> laser is built. Temperature distribution and surface morphology are simulated by finite-element method. It is proposed that a Gaussian crater appears in the mitigation site, which width and depth are dependent on the laser parameters. Following, the effects of frequency, duty(More)
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