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A novel dynamic fuzzy logic system (DFLS) structure is presented, and its properties investigated. Based on the DFLS, an identification scheme is developed using the Lyapunov synthesis approach with a projection algorithm modification, which is shown to be globally stable for a large class of nonlinear dynamic systems in the sense that all system parameters(More)
Ranging and localization are some of the key applications in a wireless sensor network. Good accuracy can be obtained if the signals captured are of good qualities. In a practical scenario, crystal clock timing drift in the devices in a wireless sensor network will greatly influence the ranging and localization accuracy. In this paper, we shall use Time(More)
Kecelaruan spektrum Autisme (ASD) merupakan sejenis ketidakseimbangan perkembangan neuro kanak-kanak yang dikaitkan dengan kecacatan kognitif dan bahasa. Penyelidikan sebelum ini mendapati bahawa kanak-kanak yang mempunyai ketidakseimbangan perkembangan meningkatkan tahap tekanan ibu bapa. Namun, ibu bapa yang mempunyai anak ASD mengalami tahap tekanan yang(More)
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