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We have noted a striking similarity between the sequences of proteins in a novel family of lipases we recently reported [Upton, C. and Buckley, J. T. (1995) Trends Biol. Sci. 20, 178-9] and more than 120 sequences from the database of Expressed Sequence Tags (dbEST) which correspond to at least 30 unique genes from arabidopsis, rice and maize. A cDNA(More)
Viruses and the immune system have been competitors throughout their co-evolution. It is therefore not surprising that the viruses in circulation today possess a variety of strategies to counteract those aspects of the immune system that are involved in virus clearance. Examination of these virus encoded functions provides an important view of immune(More)
We have identified a human gene encoding a protein with 48% amino acid identity to the vaccinia virus (VV) K4L gene product. Both contain motifs characteristic of the phospholipase D (PLD) protein superfamily. These proteins are also related to vaccinia virus p37, encoded by the F13L gene, which is required for envelopment and spread of the virus. The(More)
Poxviruses have become a useful eukaryotic expression vector system and have been used to express a variety of viral (especially poxviral), eukaryotic and bacterial proteins and as recombinant vaccines (11). During construction, the identification of recombinant poxviruses is greatly facilitated by co-expression of either a dominant selection gene or a(More)
The electronic and optical properties of codoped double-walled carbon nanotubes (DWNTs), in which nucleophilic atoms (potassium) are adsorbed outside the outer tube and electrophilic molecules (NO(2)) are adsorbed inside the inner tube, are investigated by density functional theory. It is found that the inner core tube is p-type doped and the outer shell(More)
Genetic diversity and differentiation among 8 cultivated populations of Fagopyrum tataricum from the counties of Jinyang, Leibo and Miyi in south Liangshan Autonomous Prefecture of Yi Nationality, Sichuan Province, China were investigated using allozyme electrophoresis. The allozymic diversity is roughly correlated with agrobiological features. The results(More)
An electron-emission theoretical model integrating the change in the grain size of nanocrystalline cubic boron nitride (c-BN) thin films was established. To understand better the essence of field emission, an accurate numerical scheme, the transfer matrix method, that can be used to compute the tunneling coefficients of the actual surface barrier, was also(More)
In the present paper is stated the accomplishment of the studies of 17 populations of cultivated Fagopyrum tataricum (L.) Gaertn. from the counties of Yuexi and Ganluo in North Liangshan Autonomous Prefecture of Yi Nationality, Sichuan Province, China by means of starch gel electrophoresis and cluster analysis of agrobiology features. Seven enzymes, and 15(More)
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