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The design of a scalable optical local area network formultiprocessing systems is described. Each workstation has aparallel-fiber-ribbon optical link to a centralized complementarymetal-oxide silicon (CMOS) switch core, implemented on a singlecompact printed circuit board (PCB). When the Motorola Optobusfiber technology is used, each workstation has a data(More)
Multiplications and multipliers dominate area, power and speed requirements of modern designs. A standard technique to reduce these requirements is to use combinations of shifts and additions to execute multiplications. The approach is particularly effective when multiple constant multiplications are necessary. We introduce a simple, yet effective multiple(More)
Inter-sensor modeling of data streams is an important problem and an enabler for numerous sensor network tasks such as faulty data detection, missing data recovery, and compression. We have developed a new symmetric monotonic regression (SMR) technique for predicting data at one sensor using data from another sensor or a set of sensors that simultaneously(More)
Efficient and complete data collection is one of the most important tasks in wireless ad-hoc sensor networks. Additionally, the collection of the full data set should be performed in the most resource efficient way, thus prolonging the battery lifetime of the network. We introduce a new approach for energy efficient data collection through the use of(More)
The RF characteristics of a parabolic reflector antenna illuminated with a transverse-electromagnetic (TEM)-wire feed are described. The reflector operates in the frequency range of 150 to 3750 MHz (25:1 bandwidth) and has a diameter of 48 in. (0.61 lambda at the lowest operating frequency). The TEM-wire feed is formed by spreading out the wires of a(More)
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