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Parameterizations of the shortwave optical properties of ammonium sulfate [(NH 4) 2 SO 4 ], ammonium bisulfate (NH 4 HSO 4), and sulfuric acid (H 2 SO 4) are provided as functions of relative humidity for high and low spectral resolution band models. The optical property parameterization is simple in form and in its dependence on relative humidity. The(More)
Mechanically interlocked molecules such as rotaxanes are fascinating for their potential in molecular-scale devices. Rotaxane, stimuli-responsive "molecular shuttles" are molecules where a macrocyclic "bead" is locked onto a linear "thread" by bulky "stoppers". Large amplitude motion of the macrocycle can be induced by external stimuli (e.g. light,(More)
Introduction Direct aerosol radiative forcing (ARF) is important in understanding the impact of aerosols on earth's climate (Schimel et al. 1996). Global distribution of ARF is usually determined by first inverting satellite measurements to obtain aerosol properties such as optical depths, size distributions, and refractive indices, and then performing(More)
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