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A 10(16) W∕cm(2) Asterix laser pulse intensity, 1315 nm at the fundamental frequency, 300 ps pulse duration, was employed at PALS laboratory of Prague, to irradiate thick and thin primary CD(2) targets placed inside a high vacuum chamber. The laser irradiation produces non-equilibrium plasma with deutons and carbon ions emission with energy of up to about 4(More)
The iodine laser at PALS Laboratory in Prague, operating at 1315 nm fundamental harmonics and at 300 ps FWHM pulse length, is employed to irradiate thin hydrogenated targets placed in vacuum at intensities on the order of 10(16) W∕cm(2). The laser-generated plasma is investigated in terms of proton and ion emission in the forward and backward directions.(More)
Generation of high-current proton beams of parameters scalable to those required for fast ignition of a fusion target was studied numerically and experimentally. Using a hydrodynamic relativistic 2D code, it was found that laser-induced skin-layer ponderomotive acceleration (SLPA) makes possible to produce collimated proton beams of MA currents and TA/cm(More)
The results of studies of fast-proton generation from foil targets irradiated by 1-ps laser pulse at 10(17) W/cm (2) are presented. It is shown that a considerable increase in proton energy and current is possible when a double-layer foil target containing a high- Z layer and a low- Z hydrogen-rich layer is used instead of a single-layer target. Proton(More)
Ge crystals were prepared by means of laser-induced ion implantation technique. A Nd:YAG pulsed laser (repetition rate: 10 Hz; pulse duration: 3.5 ns; pulse energy: ∼0.5 J) was used both as an ion source and to carry out the ablation processes. The optimization of the laser-generated ion beam parameters in a broad energy and current density range has been(More)
An experimental set–up and spectroscopy diagnostic method for laser–induced fuel removal and decomposition of co–deposited layers on plasma–facing components from tokamaks are described. For irradiation of a graphite limiter tile from the TEXTOR tokamak Nd:YAG 3.5-ns pulse laser with a repetition rate of 10 Hz and single pulse energy of up to 0,8 J at 1,06(More)
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