J. Wolf

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The size of the ventricles of 19 young hospitalized patients with chronic schizophrenia was compared with that of 29 same-age control subjects. The patients had a slightly but significantly larger bicaudate ratio. Analysis of these results in the context of previous studies of ventricular size and schizophrenia suggests that, contrary to current views,(More)
During feature-positive operant discriminations, a conditional cue, X, signals whether responses made during a second stimulus, A, are reinforced. Few studies have examined how landmarks, which can be trained to control the spatial distribution of responses during search tasks, might operate under conditional control. We trained college students to search(More)
The calculation of the left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) is dependent upon the accurate measurement of diastolic and systolic left ventricular volumes. Although breath-hold cine magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) allows coverage of the whole cardiac cycle with an excellent time resolution, many authors rely on the visual selection of diastolic and the(More)
BACKGROUND Long-term central venous catheters are essential for the management of chronic medical conditions, including childhood cancer. Catheter occlusion is associated with an increased risk of subsequent complications, including bloodstream infection, venous thrombosis, and catheter fracture. Therefore, predicting and pre-emptively treating occlusions(More)
The purpose of this note is to give an exposition of the best-known bound on the density of sets whose difference set contains no squares which was first derived by Pintz, Steiger and Szemerédi in [PSS88]. We show how their method can be brought in line with the modern view of the energy increment strategy employed in problems such as Szemerédi's Theorem on(More)
A spatial task was used to investigate if a stimulus could set the occasion for responding to a landmark. Pigeons were trained with a positive occasion setter (OS; a colored background display) signaling the contingency between a landmark (LM; visual patterned stimulus) and the location of a rewarded response. The two most common tests of an OS (transfer(More)