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In this paper we look for conditions that are sufficient to guarantee that a subset A of a finite Abelian group G contains the " expected " number of linear configurations of a given type. The simplest non-trivial result of this kind is the well-known fact that if G has odd order, A has density α and all Fourier coefficients of the characteristic function(More)
This paper describes the programming methods available to software developers wishing to utilize the performance capabilities of the Streaming SIMD Extensions of the Pentium® III processor. The tools in the VTune™ Performance Enhancement Environment, Version 4.0, have unique capabilities that help software developers understand the Streaming SIMD(More)
We derive an accurate mass estimator for dispersion-supported stellar systems and demonstrate its validity by analyzing resolved line-of-sight velocity data for globu-lar clusters, dwarf galaxies, and elliptical galaxies. Specifically, by manipulating the spherical Jeans equation we show that the dynamical mass enclosed within the 3D deprojected half-light(More)
In this short note we prove that for any fixed integer k and any prime power q ≥ k, there exists a subset of F 2k q of size q 2(k−1) +q k−1 −1 which contains no k points on a line, and hence no k-term arithmetic progressions. As a corollary we obtain an asymptotic lower bound as n → ∞ for r k (F n q) when q ≥ k, which can be interpreted as the finite field(More)
The purpose of this note is to give an exposition of the best-known bound on the density of sets whose difference set contains no squares which was first derived by Pintz, Steiger and Szemerédi in [PSS88]. We show how their method can be brought in line with the modern view of the energy increment strategy employed in problems such as Szemerédi's Theorem on(More)
In this short note we study flat metric connections with antisymmetric torsion T = 0. The result has been originally discovered by Cartan/Schouten in 1926 and we provide a new proof not depending on the classification of symmetric spaces. Any space of that type splits and the irreducible factors are compact simple Lie group or a special connection on S 7.(More)
1) J. Wolf, Existence of weak solutions to the equations of non-stationary motion of non-Newtonian fluids with shear rate dependent viscosity, 1,α-regularity of weak solutions to the equations of stationary motion to certain non-Newtonian fluids in two dimensions, Boll. Existence of weak solutions for unsteady motion of generalized Newtonian fluids (2008)(More)