J Willemot

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One thing does seem clear: the people responsible for the Gargas hands were not primarily concerned with colouring their hands red, black, brown, yellow, or white, while merely using the cave walls as a convenient support. This may be observed from the striking topographical positions within the cave of many of the hands-e.g., within a niche in the rock,(More)
Heavy meromyosin (HMM) labeling was used to identify the nature of the filaments which form bundles in the cytoplasm of the pericytes in brain tissue. Rat brain tissue pieces were incubated in glycerol solutions at 4 degrees and then transferred into buffer (pH 7.0), (1) without HMM, (2) with HMM, (3) with HMM + 5 mM ATP, and (4) with HMM + 2.5 mM Na+(More)
Nervous tissue pieces from the caudate nucleus and the substantia nigra of the rat were incubated in cold glycerol solutions of decreasing concentrations and then transferred into standard phosphate buffer (pH 7.0) or into tris-K+-Mg++-Ca++ buffer (pH 7.9) containing HMM, prepared from rabbit skeletal muscle by tryptic digestion. As controls, pieces were(More)
To identify structures involved in the translocation of the synaptic vesicles towards the presynaptic membrane, an ultrastructural study has been undertaken by means of (1) the E-PTA stain and (2) the HMM-labeling procedure. Using serial sections of E-PTA stained nervous tissue, especially those made in transversal and tangential planes, the geometric order(More)
  • J Willemot
  • 1991
This paper describes the development of the techniques of amygdalectomy through the ages. It would appear that Susruta de Bénares performed such an operation as early as the first century, but I personally have no documents on him. On the other hand, the operation is described in scrupulous detail by Celse, at the same period, and was not greatly different(More)
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