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Diffusions, martingales, and Markov processes are each particular types of stochastic processes. A stochastic process, in a state space E, with parameter set T, is a family (Xt)t∈T of E-valued random variables, or equivalently, a random variable X that takes its values in a space of functions from T to E. Usually, the parameter set T is a subset of R, often(More)
We conducted a structural genomics analysis of the folds and structural superfamilies in the first 20 completely sequenced genomes by focusing on the patterns of fold usage and trying to identify structural characteristics of typical and atypical folds. We assigned folds to sequences using PSI-blast, run with a systematic protocol to reduce the amount of(More)
There appeared in 1976 an expository paper by the present author [52] entitled "What is a group ringV This question, rhetorical as it is, may nevertheless be answered directly by saying that for a group G over an integral domain R the group ring R(G) is a free unitary iî-module over the elements of G as a basis and in which the multiplication on G is(More)
Microscopic lamellar deformation features in quartz: Dis-criminative characteristics of shock-generated varieties. Bischoff A. and Stöffler D. (1984) Chemical and structural changes induced by thermal annealing of shocked feldspar inclusions in impact melt rocks from Lappajärvi Crater, Finland. Proc. Cryptoexplosion structures caused from without or from(More)
linear wave interactions would also be nice for the students reading this book as a text. This book lacks explanation of the basic concepts for all the circuit theorems. It simply stated the theorems and demonstrated them with examples for the application. There is no discussion on superposition theorem and no index in the book. But in section 5.2, the idea(More)
Complexity, Risk, and Financial Markets completes a trilogy of books on chaos and fractal analysis. Fractal analysis examines self-similarity or scale invariance, a structure that is often present in seemingly random and otherwise complex processes. Time series, for example, exhibit self-similarity if subsamples resemble compressed versions of longer(More)
class, 29<lb>abstract compilation model, 97<lb>abstract interface, 53<lb>access control, 215, 221<lb>mandatory, 216, 219<lb>access permissions, 253<lb>access protocol, 81<lb>access rights, 215<lb>accounting daemons, 215<lb>action language, 11, 19<lb>active databases, 247<lb>active enemy, 209<lb>active objects, 131<lb>announced event, 289<lb>context of, 289
A small clinical survey was undertaken at East Carolina University School of Medicine to examine the factors which influenced the decisions of five families to continue pregnancies after a chromosomal abnormality was detected. Little has been published concerning the psychosocial effects after continuing pregnancies in which the fetus was diagnosed with a(More)
The financial crisis of 2007 to 2009 is a prime example of how imprudent banking regulation can create contagious financial turbulence and expose the global financial system to the threat of a collapse. In response to the crisis, the U.S. government therefore introduced the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010. With the passage(More)