J. Wilder

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This paper investigates the classification of shapes into broad natural categories such as animal or leaf. We asked whether such coarse classifications can be achieved by a simple statistical classification of the shape skeleton. We surveyed databases of natural shapes, extracting shape skeletons and tabulating their parameters within each class, seeking(More)
Itis well-known that "smooth" chains of oriented elements-contours-are more easily detected amid background noise than more undulating (i.e., "less smooth") chains. Here, we develop a Bayesian framework for contour detection and show that it predicts that contour detection performance should decrease with the contour's complexity, quantified as the(More)
The detection of contours in noise has been extensively studied, but the detection of closed contours, such as the boundaries of whole objects, has received relatively little attention. Closed contours pose substantial challenges not present in the simple (open) case, because they form the outlines of whole shapes and thus take on a range of potentially(More)
Three dimensional (3-D) microscopy is widely used in medical applications and biosciences where a high quality magnified image of a specimen is desired. The 3-D object or specimen which is placed under the microscope is sectioned at regular intervals to acquire a sequence of two dimensional (2-D) images. These images are blurred by in-focus and out-of-focus(More)
We present a unified Bayesian approach to shape representation and related problems in perceptual organization, including part decomposition, shape similarity , figure/ground estimation, and 3D shape. The approach is based on the idea of estimating the skeletal structure most likely to have generated the observed shape via a process of stochastic " growth.(More)
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