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In pharmacological ulcer models in rats colloidal bismuth subcitrate (CBS) demonstrated anti-ulcer activity. This was neither a result of an acid neutralizing nor of an acid secretion inhibitory effect. Both in vitro and in vivo, an anti-peptic action was found. At low pH CBS precipitates and was shown to form a coating on the gastric wall especially on the(More)
In a series of hydrocortisone 17-esters, hydrocortisone 17-butyrate (HC-17B) has almost optimal lipophilicity resulting in a topical effect comparable to that of the fluorinated corticosteroids as measured in the McKenzie test on the human skin. In rats its systemic effects are weak, being in the order of those of hydrocortisone. In man systemic effects(More)
With the purpose of studying the influence of polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) on the disposition of oxytetracycline (OTC), OTC was administered i.v. to male rats in two formulations, one of which contained 14C-labelled PVP. From the rats, whole-body sections (30 mum) were taken which were subjected to three analytical procedures: autoradiography to determine the(More)
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