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The Time and Charge Sensitive Amplifier (TCSA) has been designed to combine excellent timing properties with a good energy measurement. To reach the best timing properties the time jitter and the noise-to-slope ratio have to be optimized. If we assume a uniform flat distribution of the noise without low or high frequency corners and a spectral density Nd (V(More)
Establishing a reliable communication interface between the brain and electronic devices is of paramount importance for exploiting the full potential of neural prostheses. Current microelectrode technologies for recording electrical activity, however, evidence important shortcomings, e.g. challenging high density integration. Solution-gated field-effect(More)
The use of conventional integrated circuits to process primary RPC signals has reached its limit with designs like FOPI's 16 channel FEE5 [3]. To further reduce the price and power consumption per channel the natural way is a custom ASIC design. For this purpose the NINO architecture [1] used in the ALICE-ToF with its full differential structure offers a(More)
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