J. Weiner

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In near-field scanning optical microscopy, a light source or detector with dimensions less than the wavelength (lambda) is placed in close proximity (lambda/50) to a sample to generate images with resolution better than the diffraction limit. A near-field probe has been developed that yields a resolution of approximately 12 nm ( approximately lambda/43) and(More)
We present a compact 1.3 x 4 µm 2 Germanium waveguide photodiode, integrated in a CMOS compatible silicon photonics process flow. This photodiode has a best-in-class 3 dB cutoff frequency of 45 GHz, responsivity of 0.8 A/W and dark current of 3 nA. The low intrinsic capacitance of this device may enable the elimination of transimpedance amplifiers in future(More)
  • David A B Miller, D A B Miller, K.-H Koo, P Kapur, K C Saraswat, F Y Gardes +145 others
  • 2012
We analyze energy consumption in optical modulators operated in depletion and intended for low-power interconnect applications. We include dynamic dissipation from charging modulator capacitance and net energy consumption from absorption and photocurrent, both in reverse and small forward bias. We show that dynamic dissipation can be independent of static(More)
We analyze the physical-chemical surface properties of single-slit, single-groove subwavelength-structured silver films with high-resolution transmission electron microscopy and calculate exact solutions to Maxwell's equations corresponding to recent far-field interferometry experiments using these structures. Contrary to a recent suggestion the surface(More)
We experimentally demonstrate that hybridized nanocavities in optically thick metal films radiate in coherence, and act as an efficient single-polarized plasmonic nano-antenna array. We employ propagating and localized plasmons to enhance polarization control along one axis, with total suppression of the perpendicular polarization component. The(More)
Eighteen hyperpyrexial patients with a mean rectal temperature of 42.3 degrees (range 41.2-43.1 degrees C) were rapidly cooled in a unit producing evaporative cooling from a warm skin. Sixteen patients recovered, and two, who were diabetic, died. The time taken for the core temperature to drop to 38 degrees C varied from 26 min to 5 h. The success of a(More)
We apply the technique of far-field interferometry to measure the properties of surface waves generated by two-dimensional (2D) single subwavelength slit-groove structures on gold films. The effective surface index of refraction n(surf) measured for the surface wave propagating over a distance of more than 12 mum is determined to be n(surf) = 1.016+/-0.004,(More)
We theoretically investigate three-dimensional plasmonic waveguide-cavity structures, built by side-coupling stub resonators that consist of plasmonic coaxial waveguides of finite length, to a plasmonic coaxial waveguide. The resonators are terminated either in a short or an open circuit. We show that the properties of these waveguide-cavity systems can be(More)