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We present a novel methodology to enhance Chinese text chunking with the aid of transductive Hidden Markov Models (transductive HMMs, henceforth). We consider chunking as a special tagging problem and attempt to utilize, via a number of transformation functions, as much relevant contextual information as possible for model training. These functions enable(More)
This paper discusses the implementation of a lexical knowledge base, based on a conceptualization of the problem domain in terms of relational network notation. In particular, we focus here on the importing of lemmas as instances from WordNet 2.0 into the knowledge base. Relational network notation (RNN) offers a simple yet powerful means for representing(More)
Recent studies involving the linguistic analysis of texts has shown the importance of the interrelationships across the various strata of language. A network based collaborative system represents a major step forward in carrying out such cross-stratum analysis. Two vital prerequisites for developing this system include facilities for retrieval of text(More)
A digital document image is a scanned representation of a paper document, such as a page of facsimile transmission. Document image processing consists of processes for taking a document through various representations: from scanned image to semantic representation. This article describes algorithmic processes involved in document image processing. The(More)
gory of user is really interested in, nor has time to worry about, the underlying issues of network availability, storage, throughput guarantees, and so on, which are the concern of the network and service providers. The latter are expected to be provided by the infrastructure and models that support NBE systems in a seamless and unobtrusive way, and to(More)
Combinational (combinatorial) circuits realize Boolean functions and deal with digitized signals, usually denoted by 0s and 1s. The behavior of a combinational circuit is memoryless; that is, given a stimulus to the input of a combinational circuit, a response appears at the output after some propagation delay, but the response is not stored or fed back.(More)
In a synchronous digital system, the clock signal is used to define a time reference for the movement of data within that system. Because this function is vital to the operation of a synchronous system, much attention has been given to the characteristics of these clock signals and the networks used in their distribution. Clock signals are often regarded as(More)