J Webster Stayman

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PURPOSE Dual-energy computed tomography and dual-energy cone-beam computed tomography (DE-CBCT) are promising modalities for applications ranging from vascular to breast, renal, hepatic, and musculoskeletal imaging. Accordingly, the optimization of imaging techniques for such applications would benefit significantly from a general theoretical description of(More)
We present a framework for robustly estimating registration between a 3D volume image and a 2D projection image and evaluate its precision and robustness in spine interventions for vertebral localization in the presence of anatomical deformation. The framework employs a normalized gradient information similarity metric and multi-start covariance matrix(More)
A Multiple Aperture Device (MAD) is a novel x-ray beam modulator that uses binary filtration on a fine scale to spatially modulate an x-ray beam. Using two MADs in series enables a large variety of fluence profiles by shifting the MADS relative to each other. This work details the design and control of dual MADs for a specific class of desired fluence(More)
Tube current modulation (TCM) is routinely adopted on diagnostic CT scanners for dose reduction. Conventional TCM strategies are generally designed for filtered-backprojection (FBP) reconstruction to satisfy simple image quality requirements based on noise. This work investigates TCM designs for model-based iterative reconstruction (MBIR) to achieve optimal(More)
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