J. Wayne Spence

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Fish welfare at harvest is easily compromised by poor choice of handling and slaughter methods, lack of attention to detail and by unnecessary adherence to fish farming traditions. The harvest process comprises fasting the fish to empty the gut, crowding the fish, gathering and moving the fish using brails, fish pumps, and sometimes also road or boat(More)
Studies were carried out to further define the sites of interaction of Ca++, cAMP, and somatostatin (SRIF) in the mechanisms governing GH release from acutely dispersed purified somatotrophs obtained from rat adenohypophyses. Both high [K+] and the Ca++ ionophore A23187 stimulated the release of GH. The release induced by high [K+] was accompanied by a(More)
It has been suggested that the manner in which a project manager makes decisions can signi®cantly in ̄uence his or her effectiveness and ultimately the design of systems under his or her direction. Arguments for a structured, systematic approach, as well as arguments for a more well-rounded, `whole-brained' approach have been made. However, it is perhaps(More)
cAMP is thought to be an essential intracellular mediator in the release of GH from somatotrophs. Ca++ is required in the incubation medium to elicit GH release in vitro. We have carried out studies using a purified preparation of rat somatotrophs to see whether the Ca++ requirement procedes or follows the accumulation of cAMP induced by prostaglandin E2(More)
Managing a software development project presents many difficulties. Most software development projects are considered less than successful, and many are simply cancelled. Ineffective project management has been cited as a major factor contributing to these failures. Project management tools can greatly assist managers in tracking and controlling their(More)
Studies were carried out to simultaneously measure cAMP and cGMP accumulation and GH release from acutely dispersed purified somatotrophs obtained from rat adenohypophyses. cAMP accumulation was dramatically increased by both prostaglandin E2 (10(-6) M) and 3-isobutyl-1-methylxanthine (a phosphodiesterase inhibitor, 0.5 mM) within 1 min of their addition,(More)
A breast support conveyor has the potential to improve bird welfare by avoiding the need to invert and suspend broilers by their legs as they move from the point of shackling to entry into the electric waterbath. To evaluate its effect on welfare under commercial conditions, a breast support conveyor was installed under the conventional shackle line of a(More)