J. Wawryszczuk

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f = τoPs/τoPs(vac), (1) where τoPs and τoPs(vac) are o-Ps lifetime in the sample and in vacuum, respectively. Three-quantum annihilation studies become competitive to the traditional positron annihilation lifetime spectrometry (PALS), in particular in the relation to porous media and positron beam technique [1]. Below we compare the results of estimation of(More)
The Temperature and Pressure Dependence of the Free Volume in Fluoroelastomers from PALS and PVT Experiments G. Dlubek, A. Sen Gupta J. Wawryszczuk, D. Kilburn, J. Pionteck , R. Krause-Rehberg, T. Goworek, M.A. Alam, H. Kaspar and K.H. Lochhaas ITA Inst. Innovative Technologies Wiesenring 4, 06120 Lieskau (Halle/S.), Germany Department of Physics,(More)
Positron annihilation lifetime spectra were measured for ordered silica before template (octadecyltrimethyl ammonium) removal. An intermediate lifetime component, well pronounced in the spectra, indicates the presence of structural defects in the template being the size of a surfactant molecule. At the temperature near 420 K a radical change of template(More)
The temperature dependence of o-Ps lifetime in the pores calculated from extended Tao–Eldrup model was compared to the experimental data, collected for a set of silica gels synthesized using the polymer template technique. For the sample with average pore radii 2.0 nm rather good agreement between the model and experiment was found. For the sample with(More)
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