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Typing span and coordination of word viewing times with word typing times in copytyping were examined. In Experiment 1, typists copied passages of text while their eye movements were measured. Viewing location was determined during each eye fixation and was used to control the amount of usable visual information. Viewing constraints decreased interword(More)
Concurrent oculomotor and manual activities during copytyping were examined to determine whether (a) typists keep the eyes 1-s ahead of the executed keypress, (b) control of eye-hand (E-H) coordination follows the lexical representation of to-be-typed text, and (c) typists seek visual information beyond the boundaries of the fixated word. To-be-typed text(More)
Three experiments examined saccade programming during short duration fixations between 50 ms and 150 ms. In experiment 1, subjects copy typed text, in experiment 2, subjects read and executed a letter detection task, and in experiment 3, subjects read for comprehension only. Fixation duration had no effect on the size of the departing saccade in the copy(More)
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