J. W. b Parker

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Three key advances in device technology must be made to realize the potential of carbon nanotube transistors: (1) aligned CNT density of ≥200 CNT/µm on a wafer scale, (2) stable p- and n-type doping on the same wafer with control over the doping level, (3) low resistance metal to CNT contact at short (<20 nm) contact length. CNFET(More)
The development of guided chemical vapor deposition (CVD) growth of single-walled carbon nanotubes provides a great platform for wafer-scale integration of aligned nanotubes into circuits and functional electronic systems. However, the coexistence of metallic and semiconducting nanotubes is still a major obstacle for the development of carbon-nanotube-based(More)
Bateman’s principle, which states that male reproductive success should increase with multiple mating, whereas female reproductive success should not, has long been used to explain sex differences in behavior. The statistical relationship between mating success and reproductive success, or Bateman gradient, has been proposed as a way to quantify sex(More)
Agroecosystem health derives from a combination of biophysical and socioeconomic conditions that jointly influence such properties as productivity, sustainability, stability, and equitability. In this case study, we describe and analyze a method to quantify agroecosystem health through a combination of geographically referenced data at various spatial(More)
Ohio is typical among the Midwestern and Eastern United States with high levels of water pollutants, the main sources being from agriculture. In this study, we used a digital elevation model in conjunction with hydrological indices to determine the role of landscape complexity affecting the spatial and temporal variation in pollutant levels, in one of the(More)
In the past year we focused on developing the metal nanostructure simulation, nanowire growth, and device fabrication. We explored a new geometry with Hertzianlike disc shaped antennas to replace the bowtie antennas we had initially investigated to achieve better performance. Light absorption enhancement of the nanodimers in terms of size and inter space(More)
Nanowires have attracted a lot of interest for PV applications benefiting from their high aspect ratio geometry. Core-shell structure is ideal for nanowires PVs where the light absorption direction and minority carrier transport direction are decoupled, but the high quality core-shell p-n junction is hard to grow due to the high surface defect density. In(More)
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