J. W. Williamson

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This paper is an attempt to describe and evaluate current methods for assessing the quality of medical care and to suggest some directions for further study. It is concerned with methods rather than findings, and with an evaluation of methodology in general, rather than a detailed critique of methods in specific studies. This is not an exhaustive review of(More)
Injuries claim the lives of more children each year than the next six leading pediatric disorders combined, and produce injuries that require medical attention for one in three children. In the preschool age group, 91 per cent of these accidents and over one-half the resultant fatalities occur in the home. This paper reports the results of a controlled(More)
PURPOSE To identify self-perceived problems in managing science information needs of U.S. primary practitioners and their opinion leaders. SAMPLE A two-stage random sample of the American Medical Association's "Masterlist of Physicians" to identify 625 office-based physicians, including general practice, family practice, internal medicine, obstetrics and(More)
To explore some determinants of physicians' decisions to change practice habits, we posed three questions: To what extent are some particular innovations diffused among office-based primary care physicians? What characterizes the physicians who have adopted these innovations? And, what caused them to change their behavior and adopt the innovations? Three(More)
Fusarium moniliforme Sheldon is an economically important pathogen of corn (Zea mays L.) which causes stalk, root and ear rot. Several mycotoxins have also been isolated, identified and implicated in both animal and human toxicoses. The fungus can be disseminated in symptomless corn seed and can also survive in crop residues in the soil. Asymptomatic(More)
Physicians working at the General Medical Clinic of the Johns Hopkins Hospital entered into tutorials to improve their effectiveness as managers and educators of patients with essential hypertension. After exposure to a single teaching session, tutored physicians allocated a greater percent of clinic-visit time to patient teaching than did control(More)
The authors tested the hypothesis that the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals would have substantial overutilization of acute care beds and services because of policies that emphasize inpatient care over ambulatory care. Reviewers from 24 randomly selected VA hospitals applied the InterQual ISD* (Intensity, Severity, Discharge) criteria for(More)
In this paper I review the health care crisis in the United States and conclude that fundamental changes must be made. I then present: (1) an organizational approach that might be encompassed in President Clinton's program for health care reform; (2) my "dream" of a national quality improvement system for reform, based on The Netherlands Model; and (3) a(More)
A continuing medical education course was developed to improve the care of patients with chronic bronchitis and emphysema (COPD); 44 primary care physicians completed the course. The physicians were randomly assigned to experimental and control groups, with 3 of the 4 experimental groups assisting in the selection of topics for the programs and/or receiving(More)