J. W. Wang

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In this colloquia review we discuss methods for thermal transport calculations for nanojunctions connected to two semi-infinite leads served as heat-baths. Our emphases are on fundamental quantum theory and atomistic models. We begin with an introduction of the Landauer formula for ballistic thermal transport and give its derivation from scattering wave(More)
Von Willebrand factor (VWF) is a pivotal haemostatic protein mediating platelet adhesion to injured endothelium and carrying coagulation factor VIII (FVIII) in the circulation to protect it from premature clearance. Apart from the roles in haemostasis, VWF drives the formation of the endothelial cell specific Weibel-Palade bodies (WPBs), which serve as a(More)
To investigate how cholesterol induces hepatocytic steatosis, we investigated the effect of cholesterol on hepatic lipogenesis and the assembly and secretion of very-low-density lipoprotein–triglycerides (VLDL–TGs) in goose primary hepatocytes. We found that cholesterol at 20 μg/ml increased the concentrations of extracellular VLDL, intracellular(More)
It has been demonstrated that ACSL3 and ACSL5 play important roles in fat metabolism. To investigate the primary functions of ACSL3 and ACSL5 and to evaluate their expression levels during goose fatty liver development, we cloned the ACSL3 and ACSL5 coding domain sequences (CDSs) of geese using RT-PCR and analyzed their expression characteristics under(More)
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