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With white-light LEDs one can combine lighting and wireless communication functionalities in one source. We investigate feasible transmission rates in a moderate-size office room illuminated with commercially available phosphor-based LEDs. Due to prevalent high signal-to-noise ratios and negligible inter-symbol-interference maximum data rates of 300 Mbit/s(More)
In the context of communications based on light-emitting diodes (LEDs), spectrally efficient modulation has been considered for overcoming their limited bandwidth, and one scheme under investigation is quadrature-amplitude modulation on discrete multitones. The dependence of the output optical power on the driving current of practical LEDs is nonlinear,(More)
Emergence of white-light LEDs allows synergy of lighting and broadcast/communication function in one optical source. We investigate possible data transmission rates in a moderate-size office room where we assume illumination conforming to standards and the use of commercially available LEDs and photodiodes. The performances of systems relying on base-band(More)
As a part of the EU-FP7 R&D programme, the OMEGA project (hOME Gigabit Access) aims at bridging the gap between mobile broadband terminals and the wired backbone network in homes. To provide Gb/s connectivity a combination of various technologies is considered. Beside radio frequencies, the wireless links will use infrared and visible light. Combined(More)
Gigabit home access networks (HANs) are a pivotal technology to be developed if the European Union (EU) Vision of the Future Internet is to be realised. Consumers will require such HANs to be simple to install, without any new wires, and easy enough to use so that information services running on the HAN will be ldquojust another utility,rdquo as, for(More)
In the recent past, free-space optical communication (FSO) proved to be an important replacement to radio frequency communication. In optical fiber cable communication, there is a disadvantage that optical fiber gets damaged in a long distance installation. Radio frequency communication also deals with limitations of bandwidth and data rate. In this paper,(More)
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