J .W. Van Groenigen

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This paper presents an overview of space-time statistical procedures to analyse agricultural and environmental related phenomena. It starts with an application on root-rot development in cotton. Dependence modelling in space and time is done with the space-time variogram. Various kriging interpolators are presented for making predictions in space and time.(More)
vs. C4 ), age of SOM, depth in the profile, and the amount of fossil fuel derived CO2 in the atmosphere (Shearer Although it is estimated that salinity stress occurs in 50% of irriand Kohl, 1986). However, since plants derive all their gated agroecosystems around the world, not much is known about its impact on C and N dynamics. This study was conducted to(More)
ney, 1982), have been proposed. Stanford and Smith (1972) developed a biologically based, long-term incuThe success of variable rate N fertilizer application rests on our bation method whereby potentially mineralizable N can ability to predict the contribution of soil N to growing crops. We assessed relationships between soil N availability indices (SNAIs),(More)
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