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Light influences sleep and alertness either indirectly through a well-characterized circadian pathway or directly through yet poorly understood mechanisms. Melanopsin (Opn4) is a retinal photopigment crucial for conveying nonvisual light information to the brain. Through extensive characterization of sleep and the electrocorticogram (ECoG) in(More)
1434 11 DECEMBER 2015 • VOL 350 ISSUE 6266 My love of both molecular biology and human physiology began in my fourth-grade science class. I remember the astonishment of dissecting an earthworm; learning about the mishmash of organelles within our cells; and examining the small atherosclerotic plaques brought in by our class guest speaker, a cardiologist.(More)
353 universities focused specifically on graduate students (Table 1). Driven in large part by graduate students, University of California at Berkeley conducted a notable needs and utilization assessment in 2004 (ref. 6). In that study, 44.7% of respondents reported having an emotional or stress-related problem in the past year. Moreover, the number of(More)
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