J W Santrock

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The airway epithelial cells is an important target in ozone injury. Once activated, the airway epithelium responds in three phases. The initial, or immediate phase, involves activation of constitutive cells, often through direct covalent interactions including the formation of secondary ozonolysis products--hydroxyhydroperoxides, aldehydes, and hydrogen(More)
The rated and observed moral behavior, judgment, and affect of 120 preadolescent, predominantly lower-class boys from early-divorced (before the boys were 6), late-divorced (between 6 and 10), and parentally intact homes were investigated. In addition, the mothers' discipline (power assertive, inductive, and love withdrawal) and affection were examined by(More)
The influence of negative, equal, and positive social comparison and of nonsocial comparison upon 4- and 5-year-old black children's subsequent aggressive and regressive behavior in 3-member groups was investigated. The group behavior of boys included more physical agression following negative social comparison than the other treatments, and their group(More)
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