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Design principles of a whole body Slotted Tube Resonator (STR) RF coil are given and fabrication details of the RF coil for a 2.0 Tesla NMR imaging system are presented. Experimental study proved efficient operation of the coil at 2.0 Tesla field and indicated potential for the extension of the technique to the even higher fields.
  • J W Ra
  • 2007 International Conference on Electromagnetics…
  • 2007
A physical optics (PO) solution is obtained analytically for the fields scattered by a dielectric wedge for plane wave incidence. One may correct PO solution by making the extinction integrals along the interface boundaries vanish in their complementary regions by adding correction boundary fields to the PO solutions along the interface boundaries. The(More)
Recently, electromagnetic and ultrasonic imaging of inhomogeneous objects by applying the moment-method procedures of forward scattering problems in the reverse sequence have been developed. In this paper, the inverse scattering formulation has been modified to be applicable in the spectral domain. Compared to previous schemes, the suggested formulation(More)
A spectral inverse scattering scheme, applying the moment-method procedures with a polynomial basis function for the induced field in each enlarged cell, is implemented numerically and simulated for a simple test geometry. The method provides good results comparable to the discretization of object fine enough to adopt the pulse basis function. The effects(More)
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