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In Poland oat breeding began at the late nineteenth century. During the World War II almost all of Polish breeding materials were lost, and then were replaced by German cultivars. The main aim of this paper was to show the level of genetic diversity of Polish oat cultivars which were bred before 1939. Simultaneously usefulness and informativeness of(More)
Runner bean (Phaseolus coccineus L.) is traditionally cultivated in Poland for dry seeds. The national collection of runner bean maintained in the National Center for Plant Genetic Resources gathers 152 accessions, which are mainly landraces originated in Poland (68%), Ukraine (17%) and Slovakia (10%). The collection contains valuable genetic resources for(More)
A simple method for the assessment of central conduction time in auditory brainstem response (ABR) cases with distorted or absent wave I and the technical problems involved are discussed. New electrodes systems for extra/transtympanic recording, artifact-free acoustic stimulation and a combined recording of the large amplitude SP/AP complex and small ABR(More)
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