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Presented here are the results of a systematic study of the viscoelastic properties of polyurea over broad ranges of strain rates and temperatures, including the high-pressure effects on the material response. Based on a set of experiments and a master curve developed by Knauss (W. for time–temperature equivalence, we have produced a model for the large(More)
In this paper we discuss two propositions: the supply and demand of knowledge, and network externalities. We outline the characteristics that distinguish knowledge intensive industries from the general run of manufacturing and service businesses. Knowledge intensity and knowledge specialisation has developed as markets and globalisation have grown, leading(More)
In this paper we argue that the pace and scale of development in the information and communication technology industries (ICT) has had and continues to have major effects on the industry economics and competitive dynamics generally. We maintain that the size of changes in demand and supply conditions is forcing companies to make significant changes in the(More)
We present a resonant cantilever sensor for use in chemical and biological sensing applications. Electrostatically actuated suspended indium phosphide (InP) waveguides are used as the sensing cantilevers. This sensor uses an integrated optical detection scheme which eliminates the need for free space optical components seen in traditional systems.(More)
Elliptic curves have a rich mathematical history dating back to Diophantus (c. 250 C.E.), who used a form of these cubic equations to find right triangles of integer area with rational sides. In more recent times the deep mathematics of elliptic curves was used by Andrew Wiles et. al., to construct a proof of Fermat's last theorem, a problem which(More)
Should knowledge-intensive organizations be led by experts? To explore this, the paper studies the case of the world s leading business schools. It asks the question: are top scholars leading the top schools? A statistically significant correlation is presented. The higher a business school is in a global ranking, the higher the number of lifetime citations(More)
Section of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. The total estimated cost of the monitoring project and education program is $303,082 and $181,575 was provided by the US EPA. This is one of three reports published under this contract. Eric Livingston and David Worley at FDEP provide support and guidance. The Southwest Florida Water Management(More)
The auditory modality has a number of unique advantages over other modalities, such as a fast neural processing rate and focus-independence. As part of the LOK8 project's aim to develop location-based services, the Vocate module will be seeking to exploit these advantages to augment the overall usability of the LOK8 interface and also to deliver scalable(More)