J. W. Maxon Smith

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The ability of maternally inherited pericarp tissue to be useful as a source from which molecular marker profiles of the inbred parents can be generated was investigated, using pericarp and kernel tissue from reciprocal crosses of five maize (Zea mays L.) hybrids and their parental inbred lines. Genotypes were examined using ten SSR loci for each hybrid and(More)
A commercial formulation of triforine1, a systemic fungicide not normally used on lettuce, induced marked phytotoxicity on certain cultivars. The phytotoxic agent was found to be triforine and not one of the other components of the formulation. Test crosses between resistant and susceptible cultivars have shown that resistance is recessive and determined by(More)
i sogenic or near-isogenic lines are produced by backcrossing characters under 1nono~zenic control into a standard recurrent parent line. This results in a series of lines differing from the recurrent parent at only one gene locus or, more precisely, by a short length of chromosome adjacent to that locus. Using isogenic lines, characters can be studmd and(More)
The lettuce cv. Valentine regularly produces non-heading off-type plants at the relatively high frequency of 4 × 10−3. They result from mutation to the dominant condition. A similar propensity has been reported twice before in lettuce; it is highly heritable. The propensity to produce off-types was not present in the parents of Valentine so it must have(More)
The presence of resistance to potato cyst-eelworm in wild Lycopersicon species was confirmed. The resistance of two plant accessions, L. pimpinellifolium, B6173, and L. peruvianum, B6001, was compared in screening tests against three eelworm isolates, using the susceptible L. esculentum Ailsa Craig as a control. Both accessions were shown to possess high(More)
A new tomato rootstock seed parent which combines the characters green stem, potato leaf and long style in a Lycopersicon esculentum genotype has been produced. This will facilitate seed production of the interspecific F1 hybrid rootstock which is used for grafted crops, and also permit the positive identification of any off-types which arise from(More)
PURPOSES A chair, coupled to a robotic patient positioning system (PPS) was manufactured to treat an intracranial tumor in a proton incline beam-line system. Treating patients in the seated position as accurately and efficiently as a treatment table requires the essential functions of isocentric rotation and a weight-sagging-correction algorithm for(More)
Six of 16 F1 hybrids from diverse crosses of crisphead lettuce with butterhead, cos or other crispheads significantly outyielded their respective better parent. Four were crosses between crisphead and cos parents, one was a butterhead × crisphead cross and one, a winter crisphead × winter crisphead cross. This latter hybrid plus one other also proved(More)
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