J. W. Marangon-Lima

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A long-term, multiarea, and multistage model for the supply/interconnections expansion planning of integrated electricity and natural gas (NG) is presented in this paper. The proposed Gas Electricity Planning (GEP) model considers the NG value chain, i.e., from the supply to end-consumers through NG pipelines and the electrical systems value chain, i.e.,(More)
Energy companies and governments have considered alternative solutions over traditional planning problem where electricity, natural gas, oil are treated as an independent problem. The optimization and integration of the energy sources and demands in a common framework is one of the current challenges. New methodologies and tools for system planning and(More)
This paper integrates the natural gas and hydrothermal systems in terms of power and gas optimal short- term operations planning and unit commitment. In this paper, the natural gas network model including storages and pipelines are integrated with hydrothermal systems to optimize short-term operation of both systems simultaneously. The proposed model(More)
0142-0615/$ see front matter 2009 Elsevier Ltd. A doi:10.1016/j.ijepes.2009.06.018 * Corresponding author. E-mail addresses: clodomiro@unifei.edu.br (C. Unsi edu.br (A.C. Zambroni de Souza), marangon@unifei.e pedro@unifei.edu.br (P.P. Balestrassi). This paper proposes a new hybrid approach based on nonlinear chaotic dynamics and evolutionary strategy to(More)
The operational and economical integration between natural gas and electricity sectors has sharply increased in the last decade due to natural gas advantages compared with other fossil fuels in subjects like economic competitiveness and lower environmental impact. Additionally, the technology associated with combined cycle and cogeneration units provides(More)
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