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The development of chloroplast microsatellite (cpSSR) markers in Cucumis species and analysis of their polymorphism and transferability were reported. Fifteen microsatellite markers, represented by mononucleotide repeats, were developed from the complete sequence of Cucumis sativus chloroplast genome. Intraspecific variation was successfully detected in C.(More)
Fifteen chloroplast microsatellite (cpSSR) markers were tested to analyze cytoplasmic variation in a set of watermelon accessions containing 67 Chinese watermelon germplasms (CWGs) and 19 non-Chinese watermelon germplasms (NCGs), and 11 were polymorphic. These polymorphic cpSSR markers detected 2–4 alleles (mean = 2.8) in all the accessions, with diversity(More)
We tried to determine whether postoperative CNS complications after off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting (OPCABG) are related to prior cerebral infarction or intracranial artery disease. Fiftyfive patients (among them, 40 men; mean age 64.6 ± 8.9 years) subjected to OPCABG underwent neurological and neuropsychological examinations 24 h before surgery.(More)
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