J. W. Lee

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This article presents a model-based fault diagnosis method to detect and isolate faults in the robot arm control system. The proposed algorithm is composed functionally of three main parts: parameter estimation, fault detection, and isolation. When a change in the system occurs, the errors between the system output and the estimated output cross a(More)
Optimal control involves feedback problems with explicit plant data and performance criteria for which a solution is either synthesized or ruled out. H optimal control is probably the most renowned technique in this class where the control synthesis procedure involves various iterations over weightings. In this paper we argue that the integration of optimal(More)
PURPOSE Fibre optic colonoscopy is usually performed with manual introduction and advancement of the endoscope, but there is potential for a robot capable of locomoting autonomously from the rectum to the caecum. A prototype robot was designed and tested. METHODS The robot colonic endoscope consists in a front body with clockwise helical fin and a rear(More)
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