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The ability of sodium polyphosphate (P) to alter postmortem pH declines and pork quality was investigated. Hams from electrically stimulated carcasses were injected 18 min postmortem with P or sodium bicarbonate (SB). P and SB reduced (P , 0.001) pH decline and improved (P , 0.05) color. P and SB administration improved water-holding capacity as indicated(More)
A 3 x 2 trial was conducted to determine the effects of adding canola oil (0, 5, or 10%) and copper sulfate (0 or 250 ppm Cu) to diets of growing-finishing swine on performance, carcass characteristics, and carcass fat fatty acid composition. The trial used 180 pigs (27 kg). Grower diets (.80% lysine for 0% canola oil diet) were given from 27 to 57 kg of BW(More)
Low-fat bologna formulations (LFBMS, <2.0% fat) were manufactured in a model system with two levels (0.5 or 1%) of two konjac blends (KB; KSS=konjac flour/starch and KNC=konjac flour/carrageenan/starch), and three levels (0, 2.2, 4.4%, DWB) of prehydrated soy protein isolate (SPI) to replace 0, 2 and 4% of the meat protein, respectively. Compared to 0.5%(More)
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