J W Kosh

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Acetylcholine-rich synaptic vesicles were isolated from myenteric plexus-longitudinal muscle strips derived from the guinea pig ileum by the method of Dowe, Kilbinger, and Whittaker [J. Neurochem. 35, 993-1003 (1980)] using either unstimulated preparations or preparations field-stimulated at 1 Hz for 10 min using pulses of 1 ms duration and 10 V . cm-1(More)
In recent years, development of potent inhibitors for estrogen sulfatases has become an actively pursued strategy for chemoprevention and/or chemotherapy of estrogen-dependent human breast cancers. We report here our findings that pregnenolone 16alpha-carbonitrile (PCN) is a potent inhibitor of estrone-3-sulfatase activity of rats and also humans. PCN(More)
Hemicholinium-3 (HC-3) was administered intraperitoneally to mice concurrently with the intraperitoneal administration of physostigmine or neostigmine. HC-3 increased the LD50 values for both physostigmine and neostigmine but did not alter the effect on brain ACh levels produced by these agents. Since HC-3 does not cross the blood brain barrier after(More)
The present paper further characterizes the cholinergic properties of acetylselenonium choline (ASeCh, (CH3)2Se+CH2CH2OCOCH3). The data demonstrate that ASeCh possesses muscarinic receptor agonist properties as evidenced by vasodepressor and smooth muscle contractile activities which are enhanced by physostigmine and antagonized by atropine. ASeCh also(More)
Physostigmine and hemicholinium-3 were examined for their effects on rat brain choline levels after microwave irradiation and after postmortem incubation. Hemicholinium-3 and physostigmine increased choline levels in the cerebellum and striatum when measured after microwave irradiation, but decreased the level of choline produced after postmortem incubation(More)
When small blocks comprising four columns of electrocytes were excised from electric organs of Torpedo marmorata after stimulation in vivo via the electric lobe at 1 Hz for 1 h and allowed to recover at 20-22 degrees C for several hours in medium containing 100 microM d4 choline and 500 microM propionate, small quantities of propionylcholine amounting to no(More)
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