J. W. Fedderke

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This paper examines whether endogenous growth processes can be found in middle income country contexts. Estimation proceeds by means of dynamic heterogeneous panel analysis. Empirical evidence ...nds in favour of both knowledge spill-over e¤ects, and of positive impacts on total factor productivty growth by Schumpeterian innovative activity. A crucial(More)
  • Dani Rodrik, John F. Kennedy, +14 authors Federico Sturzenegger
  • 2006
South Africa has undergone a remarkable transformation since its democratic transition in 1994, but economic growth and employment generation have been disappointing. Most worryingly, unemployment is currently among the highest in the world. While the proximate cause of high unemployment is that prevailing wages levels are too high, the deeper cause lies(More)
This paper applies current theory concerning the impact of irreversibility of investment, in order to test for the impact of uncertainty on investment expenditure for a middle income country. The contribution of the paper is unique in two respects. First, it employs dynamic heterogeneous panel estimation techniques not previously applied to investment(More)
This paper examines the strength of association between the outcomes of National Research Foundation (NRF) peer review based rating mechanisms, and a range of objective measures of performance of researchers. The analysis is conducted on 1932 scholars that have received an NRF rating or an NRF research chair. We find that on average scholars with higher NRF(More)
A retrospective analysis of survival time of 348 patients with liver metastases indicates that both the extent of liver enlargement and also its increased firmness and changes at its surface are easily obtainable findings of prognostic value. In the presence of liver metastases there is a significant correlation between median life expectancy and size of(More)
Crime in South Africa is high and widely believed to restrain investment. Nevertheless, both the mechanisms through which crime constrains growth and the actions that might be taken to loosen its grip are poorly understood. In light of the limited knowledge in the field and the limited capacity of criminal justice institutions, this paper proposes focusing(More)
Using three different panel data sets, the authors show: (i) that mark-ups are significantly higher in South African manufacturing industries than they are in corresponding industries worldwide; (ii) that competition policy (i.e. a reduction of markups) should have largely positive effects on productivity growth and employment in South Africa.
This paper is concerned to characterize the nature of certain political institutions and conditions in South Africa from the 1930s to the mid-1990s. It does so by means of a number of indexes for political freedom, political instability, the degree of political fractionation, property rights and the quality of the institutions customarily used to enforce(More)