J W Dawson

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We propose the use of an intra-cavity Mach Zehnder interfer-ometer (MZI), for increasing the repetition rate at which carrier-envelope phase-locked pulses are generated in passively mode-locked fiber lasers. The attractive feature of the proposed scheme is that light escaping through the open output ports of the MZI can be used as a monitor signal feeding a(More)
An all-fiber, single-frequency, erbium-doped ring laser has been frequency locked to a resonance peak of an external fiber Fabry-Perot resonator by the Pound-Drever technique. In addition, feedback to the mode selection filter in the laser resonator eliminates occasional mode hopping completely, resulting in frequency-locked, stable, single-frequency(More)
Increasing the dimensions of a waveguide provides the simplest means of reducing detrimental nonlinear effects, but such systems are inherently multi-mode, reducing the brightness of the system. Furthermore, using rectangular dimensions allows for improved heat extraction, as well as uniform temperature profile within the core. We propose a method of using(More)
The single-mode linewidth of an erbium-doped, single-frequency, fiber ring laser has been measured by using a newly developed loss-compensated delayed self-heterodyne interferometer that has a resolution of less than 600 Hz. The natural linewidth is determined to have an upper bound of less than 2 kHz. In addition, frequency jitter was found to be dominant(More)
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