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Fourteen factors that influence the efficiency of programming projects were identified in a corporate-wide study of 44 ITT programming projects in nine countries. Productivity factors were classified according to project management's ability to control them. Product-related factors are not generally under the control of project management. They describe(More)
The effect of a chronic illness of one parent on children is determined by a complicated interaction of various emotional components. Our focus was on the children's and adolescent's emotional reactions and feelings towards their multiple sclerosis (MS)-affected parents, including: degree of responsibility, obligation and concern, yielding behaviour and(More)
The current study examines the implications of responsibility and obligation on separation-individuation processes and the appearance of various symptoms of psychological distress in adolescent children of multiple sclerosis (MS) parents. We examined 56 children, between the ages of 10 and 18 years, each with a parent with MS. The results were compared to a(More)
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