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Importance Periodic and rhythmic electroencephalographic patterns have been associated with risk of seizures in critically ill patients. However, specific features that confer higher seizure risk remain unclear. Objective To analyze the association of distinct characteristics of periodic and rhythmic patterns with seizures. Design, Setting, and(More)
It was one of the early decisions of the Editors preparing Scientometrics to include a bibliographical part at the end of each issue. The Section is intended to consist of monothematic entireties rather than of current lists of recent scientometric literature in at least the first and second annual volumes of the journal, a form which seems to reflect(More)
Indices of inequality are tested against skewed frequency distributions met in science studies by the method of principal component analysis. The procedure holds some promise of providing a limited set of measures which can help to differentiate populations within several different substantive contexts. Variation of six selected measures of inequality with(More)
Citation mapping of communicating structures of science and derived indices of the most active research fronts make it possible to adopt and create factographic bases for operative management and prognosis of fundamental medical research. Information data bases and printed registers for systematic use of these materials can be processed according to(More)
I hate quotations tell me whatyou know! noted a wise man long ago. One would however rather believe that it is a good thing for an uneducated man to read a book o f quotations. Truly, as quotations are for use, it may help those who write and speak about science to illustrate their material with them, especially when there is an excellent source ~ in our(More)
Importance Continuous electroencephalography (EEG) use in critically ill patients is expanding. There is no validated method to combine risk factors and guide clinicians in assessing seizure risk. Objective To use seizure risk factors from EEG and clinical history to create a simple scoring system associated with the probability of seizures in patients(More)
Turning under the aegis of our (former) classic once again:The World is ruled by spontaneity which escapes rationally oriented science. And we, as properhuman beings, and (former) disciples, may solemnly become itspsychosomatic devices. Or, if indeed,-metrics is actually in a difficult situation, let us try and help. No classics are needed for that, are(More)