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A formulation for the automatic synthesis of two-dimensional bistable, compliant periodic structures is presented, based on standard methods for topology optimization. The design space is parametrized using nonlinear beam elements and a ground structure approach. A performance criterion is suggested, based on characteristics of the load-deformation curve of(More)
1. Abstract In this paper, topology optimization of continuum structures is solved as a discrete optimization problem using a genetic algorithm (GA). Early efforts applying this approach have not been very encouraging due to the lack of an appropriate structural geometry representation, and a good representation scheme is essential to the effectiveness of(More)
Cognitive radio network (CRN) is an intelligent system that gives solution to underutilization of spectrum by detection of spectrum holes. For this purpose, important tasks including spectrum sensing, spectrum analysis and spectrum decision are required to be performed. Spectrum sensing is the crucial step as it provides fast and reliable detection of(More)
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