J. Vignesh

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Cloud is becoming a dominant computing platform. Naturally, a question that arises is whether we can beat notorious DDoS attacks in a cloud environment. Researchers have demonstrated that the essential issue of DDoS attack and defence is resource competition between defenders and attackers. A cloud usually possesses profound resources, and has full control(More)
— There has been increasing interest in pattern classification methods and neuroimaging studies using permutation tests to estimate the statistical significance of a classifier (p-value). Permutation tests usually use the test error as a dataset statistic to estimate the p-value(s)by measuring the dissimilarity between two or more number of populations.(More)
The Peer-to-peer is a decentralized model where each peer has equivalent abilities providing the data (or) services to other peers. Each peer manages its own data. In this paper we present a query routing to provide an effective and efficient querying in Peer-to Peer environment. We describe how the queries need to search the target file in a largest number(More)
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